4 Tips to Kickstart the Journaling Habit

Did you plan on starting your journaling habit last year but time just flew by? Well, you are not alone. In the beginning of my journaling journey, I faced similar setbacks. Below, I share 4 tips and tricks to kickstart your journaling habit this year!

1. Understand your “why”

Why you want to keep a journal? If you don’t have a strong enough understanding of why, the chances are that you will not adopt this habit. Everyone wants to be successful, get in shape, or write a book but it’s the stronger “why” that separates winners from losers. This year, spend some time understanding and articulating your “why” then journaling habit will be a means to that end.

2. Make it easy to journal

Keep a physical or digital journal with you so it’s easily accessible when you need it the most. If you are like me, you will have a physical journal on each one of your desks – home office and work office. Furthermore, I have a digital journal that I use when on-the-go.

3. Don’t get hung up on the details

Simply, just do it. Don’t spend too much time trying to find the perfect journal or pen. Just get started with a pen and a paper and make improvements as you go. The number one success factors with students who have taken the daily journal course is that they wrote in their journal while watching the videos instead of just watching the videos.

4. Reflect and improve on your journaling habit

More important than getting started is to reflect and improve on your journaling habit. Inevitably, you will face obstacles but your goal should be to fail forward. Ask yourself what is the next obstacle in preventing me to journal each day? Over time, you will cut major obstacles and form the habit of keeping a journal.

Are you already a disciplined journal keeper? Please share your tips and tricks in the comments section below!

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