4 Journal Keeping Tips for the Pandemic

The pandemic has drastically changed our lives in the past few months. Many of us are now staying home, working from home, taking care of the kids, or supporting the elderly and parents.

Below, I wanted to share a few tips and reminders to help us through these times.

1. Make time for journaling — even if you have no time

Would you say you are too hungry to eat, when hungry? Or too tired to sleep, when tired? Likewise, before or when your mind or schedule is scattered, it is essential to journal.

Start by writing a free-flow journal entry on your current situation — after the pandemic. I would recommend to keep writing until you have briefly reflected on all areas of your life (finance, family etc). From here, you can identify action items and topics to explore further.

For example, how is your financial situation and what to do about it? For “contribution” area of your life, how or will you help your local community in these times?

2. Identify things needing attention and things to be grateful for

From the above journal entry, expand on things that need your attention — action items that you need to do. For example, for “planning” area of life, might need a new plan now that you are home, with kids, or lost your job.

After you have completed a list of action items for each area of life, make sure to take sometime to be grateful for what you already have. For example, the chance to spend time with your kids or parents.

By the end, you should have notes under these two sections:

  • Things to Do for my {your area(s) of life}
  • Things to be grateful for

Regardless of how your situation is, after articulation you may find peace of mind in knowing what is in your control and what to be grateful for.

3. Focus on what you can control vs. outside your control

Things outside your control cause unnecessary worry — buying too much toilet paper, constantly checking the news or the virus numbers.

Instead, focus on things that you can control. These are the things you identified above. On a daily basis, making progress on these action items and being grateful will give you a real sense of progress and purpose instead of focusing on things you cannot control.

4. Adjust your schedule to reflect the new world

Chances are that many of your routines — from working out to meeting friends — have changed. Thus, it will do you good to revisit your schedule or rough order of things.

Take the action items you have identified and make space for time in your calendar. When will you take time to invest in your health? When is “me” time? Which friends should I virtually keep in touch with?

Pay extra attention to areas of life that have changed — family, health, finances, etc.

How have you been journaling in the pandemic? Please share your tips and stories below.

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