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Re-Visiting the Pages of my Journal – 2016

“Journal writing is a voyage to the interior.” ― Christina Baldwin While I was filling up the last few pages of my 2016 journal, I couldn’t help but take some time to revisit the 365+ pages I’ve scribbled on (or skipped). For the previous years, I have only skimmed through the journal at the end of the year but this year I wanted to take a closer look – as the saying goes “the devil is always in the details”. I hope

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4 Tips to Reduce the Empty Pages in your Journal

Every so often I hear from my super special readers who say something along the lines of; “Jawwad, it’s been a month [weeks or days] and I still haven’t written in my daily journal! Do you have any tips for me?” – Elizabeth K. My reply to all of them (which may not be very assuring) is that it’s OK to have blank pages in your journal. When I started journaling about 5 to 6 years ago, I would have

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Wisdom from the Journals of Bruce Lee

“Above all, I am hoping to actualize myself to be an artist of life.” – Bruce Lee You and I most likely know Bruce Lee (1940 to 1973) for his action filled martial arts’ films, however, he was also an unappreciated philosopher of his time who constantly articulated his thoughts in his many journals – to constantly grow through life. In fact, many of his quotes that we know today, such as the one on the top of this page,

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Time-Tested Daily Journal Template (Download)

In this post, I want to share general use (daily) journal template that I have used for 5+ years. If you want to learn more about the template and keeping a journal, please consider subscribing to the free newsletter or taking a course. Using a template for your journal keeping makes it easier, organized, and fun to keep a journal. Without a template, your entries can come out all over the place. Breakdown of the Daily Journal Template The daily

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