6 Free Recording Apps for Audio Journaling

The 6 free recording apps for audio journaling that made our list include apps already on your phone, free recording apps, and some new audio journaling apps.

Looking for a free recording app for audio journaling?

Criteria for Audio Journaling Apps

We have assembled a list of 6 free recording apps for audio journaling. These apps have been ranked with these criteria;

  • Free or freemium option – are they free or have a free option to get started?
  • Easy to use – how easily is it to start and record an audio journal?
  • Cross-platform compatibility – are they available on any device?
6 Free Audio Journaling Apps
6 Free Audio Journaling Apps

1. Built-in Audio Recording Apps

Voice Memo app on iPhone - Audio Journaling
Voice Memos – Built-In iPhone’s Recording App Source: Apple

(Free, All devices)

Amongst the best free option for audio journaling are the apps already on your devices;

These built-in apps are integrated with voice assistant (Siri or Google Assistant). So, next time you can quickly get to audio journaling by asking Siri or Google Assistant!

2. Google Keep

(Free, All devices)

After the built-in apps, Google Keep is the next best option for audio journaling. This is because it is available on all devices, offers audio transcription, and saves your audio.

Simply launch Google Keep from your mobile device (android or apple), and follow the screenshots below to save your audio alongside with its transcription.

Audio Journaling with Google Keep
Audio Journaling with Google Keep | Source: Android Central

Pro tip, use the Google Keep’s widget on your home screen to be able to audio journal faster!

3. OneNote

(Free, All devices)

Microsoft’s OneNote allows you to record audio on all devices. Unfortunately, OneNote’s audio recording features are more advanced on Microsoft devices (duh!) while lacking some features on Apple devices. Here is what features you get on each device;

  • OneNote for Apple Devices – You are able to record audio, dictate via audio, and keep an index of the audio if you type while recording (Mac Only).
  • OneNote for Windows Devices – You are able to record audio, dictate via audio, keep an index of audio, and search inside the audio file.

Got any other tips for audio journaling with OneNote? Please do share in the comments.

Using OneNote for audio journaling
Using OneNote for audio journaling (iPhone)

4. Evernote

(Free and paid, All devices)

Evernote is still amongst the best and oldest note taking application. It allows you to record audio – perfect for audio journaling.

Also, the widgets can be added to your mobile phone’s home screen. This will allow you to start audio journaling faster. To learn more about how to record or audio journal with evernote, give this helpful article a read.

Audio journaling with evernote
Audio journaling with evernote

5. Otter

(Free and paid, All devices)

Otter is a new app as compared to other apps on this list. It is has impressive features (for free and paid versions) that can supercharge your audio journaling. The free plan offers 600 minutes (that is 10 hours!) of transcription per month – which is more than enough for most journal keepers.

6. Apple Pages

(Free, Apple Devices only)

Apple Pages allows you to record audio directly into the page document. Simply open the document from your iPhone, iPod, iPad or Mac and start audio journaling!

This option is limited in its features and usability. This option may be best suited for people who are heavy users of Apple Pages (or don’t like to have too many apps on their phone).

Apple Pages - Recording Audio on the Page
Apple Pages – Recording Audio on the Page | Source: Apple

Is there another audio journaling app that I didn’t include? Let me know in the comments, and I’ll update the post with the best ideas (and a link crediting you)!

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