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What the Journals of Thomas Edison Teach Us About Productivity, Creativity, and Success

Edison was, without a doubt, one of the most productive inventors of all time. He was awarded 2,332 patents—the third most of any American—including many that continue to affect our lives today: the electric generator, electric pen, fuel cell, storage battery, and motion pictures. Edison’s success didn’t spring from a single moment of inspiration—rather, it was the result of a deliberate approach to changing the world. Throughout Edison’s life, journaling was a consistent practice, capturing not only the his inventions

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3 Self-Improvement Tips from the Journals of Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin by David Rent Etter (1835). Source: NPS

In my quest to study the journals of successful people, Benjamin Franklin has not only been near the top of my list but also has been most request by many of you who kindly write to me. Franklin has intrigued me due to his self-made success, start starting from humble beginnings and rising to become a successful printer, writer, musician, inventor, and, of course, Founding Father of United States. Many, including myself, are aware of Franklin’s life accomplishments. But I wondered what processes he

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What Einstein’s journals teach us about Focus, Play, and Creativity

Time and time again, from their writings and journals, I have come to realize that the heroes that I look upto are shockingly human under their “hero disguise”. That is a humbling find as I continue my quest to learn from the journals of these perfectly human heroes. This month I studied the journals of Albert Einstein – a man who needs no introduction but certainly needs to be recognized for his less well known meticulous journaling habit. The rest

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Handwritten vs digital journal: Which one wins?

When it comes to journaling, the biggest question people ask is whether to handwrite or use a digital journal? The answer depends on what you are trying to accomplish with journaling. (sorry, there isn’t a simple winner!) In this blog post, we will explore the pros and cons of each method – handwritten or typed. Afterwards, we will go over how you can choose the right medium – written or digital – for your situation. 1. Typing is too fast,

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9 Lessons from Journals of Martin Luther King Jr

Dr. King, Jr. is pictured reading and reflecting at home in May 1956 in Montgomery, Alabama.

There is more to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s legacy than the recognizable “I have a Dream” speech. One hidden gem of Dr. King’s legacy is in the depths of his 10,000+ journals, diaries, sermons, letters, and notebooks left behind. Together, these journals and writings, provide an intimate glimpse of the youngest person (up until 1964) to receive the Nobel Peace Prize at the age of 35. Like other successful people who kept journal, Dr. King maintained this habit throughout

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Guide to End of Year Reflections in Your Journal

Annual Review of the Year in Your Journal

The end of year brings about an opportunity for us to reflect on the past year and use that for the year ahead. The Stoics, from Seneca to Epictetus, reflected daily and encouraged their students to do the same; “I will keep constant watch over myself and — most usefully —will put each day up for review. For this is what makes us evil—that none of us looks back upon our own lives. We reflect upon only that which we

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6 Free Recording Apps for Audio Journaling

6 Free Audio Journaling Apps

The 6 free recording apps for audio journaling that made our list include apps already on your phone, free recording apps, and some new audio journaling apps. Looking for a free recording app for audio journaling? Criteria for Audio Journaling Apps We have assembled a list of 6 free recording apps for audio journaling. These apps have been ranked with these criteria; Free or freemium option – are they free or have a free option to get started? Easy to

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4 Journal Keeping Tips for the Pandemic

Journal Keeping tips for the Pandemic COVID-19

The pandemic has drastically changed our lives in the past few months. Many of us are now staying home, working from home, taking care of the kids, or supporting the elderly and parents. Below, I wanted to share a few tips and reminders to help us through these times. 1. Make time for journaling — even if you have no time Would you say you are too hungry to eat, when hungry? Or too tired to sleep, when tired? Likewise,

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4 Tips to Kickstart the Journaling Habit

Did you plan on starting your journaling habit in 2017 but time just flew by? Well, you are not alone. In the beginning of my journaling journey, I faced similar setbacks. Below, I share 4 tips and tricks to kickstart your journaling habit in 2018 and beyond! 1. Understand your “why” why you want to keep a journal? If you don’t have a strong enough understanding of why, the chances are that you will not adopt this habit. Everyone wants

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Smart decision-making with your journal

Your journal is a very effective companion in helping you to make critical decisions. Using a journal will save you from mental overload, fears, mindless wander and other unpleasant experiences of decision making. In this blog post, I want to share how I have been making decisions using my journal. Furthermore, I will reference journals of other successful people – like Benjamin Franklin – and how they made decisions. Benefit of decision making with your journal Decision-making is an inevitable

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The Ultimate Guide for Keeping an Audio Journal

Keeping an audio journal is a convenient way to capture and articulate your thoughts. These days, you can easily press record on your mobile device to start your audio journal entry. Below, I share what I have learned from keeping an audio journal as a part of my journaling habit. Furthermore, I will review its benefits and share apps to help you start keeping an audio journal. I have kept an audio journal as part of my journaling habit. I

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Guide to Keeping a Work Journal (with downloadable template)

Did you know that some of the most successful people kept a work journal? To name a few — Einstein, Bruce Lee, and Thomas Edison. Keeping a work journal is like having your own personal assistant. It can help you stay on top of your todos, capture meeting notes, manage your time, and accelerate your career growth. It doesn’t matter if you are an employee, self-employed, or retired — a work journal can improve your productivity and performance at work.

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